Asset Management

Asset management module is designed to track an asset (hardware, software, system, people, process, measuring equipment etc) through its life cycle, from procurement to disposal. The asset tracking involves details of the asset for unique identification, its location, user and other details of the asset including periodic checking or calibration as applicable.

The benefits of asset management module includes auto triggers for reminders for equipment when due for calibration, checking or renewal etc.


Streamline Risk Management

It simplifies and streamlines the risk management process and aligns quantitative risk values to each risk, filtering them based on various risk levels.

Configurable Options

It provides multiple configurable options to meet your choice of standards and enables absolute customization of processes and systems to ensure existing controls and detection methods. In addition, it highlights any required actions and associated details.

Integrated For All Your Compliance Needs

We integrate various controls into a single control register to satisfy compliance requirements and improve effectiveness.

We deliver value to our clients.

We have assisted several organizations by reviewing security controls effectiveness based on standards IRAP, ISO 27001.

We have assisted organizations with technical vulnerability management services and integrated results in their risk management framework for risk analysis and risk acceptance.

We have used a defined methodology and ISO31000 risk management framework and managed organizational risks.

We have conducted Black box, Grey box penetration testing to provide assurances about their IT systems with results integrated into their risk management framework.

If you don't invest in risk management, it doesn't matter which business you are in; it may eventually be risky.


Tofrum is a product, consulting and services company. Tofrum product is a SaaS platform that utilizes existing frameworks and guidelines i.e., ISO 31000:2018, for risk management. The platform is highly configurable to suit any industry and organization. The essential advantage of using the platform is simplifying the compliance process, saving time and cost for building an efficient and effective management system.

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