Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will you help me understand the compliance I need to follow for my industry?

Yes, we can explain to you the relevant standards for your business based on the industry, products and services, market segments and competition. We also provide training packages for improving compliance understanding.

I was working with another company for compliance and certifications. If I move the company work to you, will you help us migrate our data?

Yes, we can help you with data migration. We understand the customer's requirements and then customise them towards compliance and certifications. We do migrate to the system.

Can you assure me of the sovereignty and security of my data?

Complete solutions (including backup, various files etc.) are kept in a Cloud environment within Australia. (AWS & Azure environments)

We are a small organization. Can you share your pricing structure beforehand?

Yes, we can share the price packages. We are quite flexible with pricing. We always provide a proposal with pricing options before the start of any work.

If I go for Management Consulting with you and later want Supplier Audit, can I do that?

Yes, we work closely with the customers to address and support their business requirements.


Tofrum is a product, consulting and services company. Tofrum product is a SaaS platform that utilizes existing frameworks and guidelines i.e., ISO 31000:2018, for risk management. The platform is highly configurable to suit any industry and organization. The essential advantage of using the platform is simplifying the compliance process, saving time and cost for building an efficient and effective management system.

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