Security Services

All information security services projects are managed through a lifecycle model that involves continual, evolutionary progress based on company policies and procedures. Our Security Services team follows Plan – Do – Check – Act lifecycle process for all projects.


Penetration Testing

We provide Penetration Testing, also known as pen testing or ethical hacking, for our clients. It intentionally launches simulated cyberattacks that seek out exploitable vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks, websites, and applications. We identify weaknesses using various methodologies (OWASP, PCI, or others) in the application or infrastructure and fix them before a hacker can find and exploit them, causing a business loss or unavailability of services.
Penetration testing lifecycle process includes:

Information gathering

Scope, requirement based on processes, workshop, research - information analysis and planning, etc.

Threat modeling

Perform threat modeling based on the scope and environment.

Vulnerability analysis

Perform vulnerability analysis and conduct automated scans.


Prioritise scan results for false positives & conduct manual scans.

Post exploitation

Collate and verify scan findings with another Pen-tester.


Prepare executive and technical reports.

Technical Vulnerabilities

In addition, we help identify Technical Vulnerabilities, i.e., weaknesses in operating systems or software of our clients, and help mitigate business risks. We use industry-standard software to exploit a vulnerability that can allow an attacker or malicious code to increase their access privileges to perform vicious acts.
The technical vulnerability lifecycle process includes:


Scope, requirement based on processes, workshop, research - information analysis and planning, etc.


Automated & manual scans for identifying and exploiting weaknesses


Prioritise scan results & prepare executive and technical reports


Planning & implement


Verification of remediation

Advantages of engaging with us

Ease compliance burden by integrating results with your risk methodology and using SaaS-based Risk Management platform

Provide advisory, technical, and support services.

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Tofrum is a product, consulting and services company. Tofrum product is a SaaS platform that utilizes existing frameworks and guidelines i.e., ISO 31000:2018, for risk management. The platform is highly configurable to suit any industry and organization. The essential advantage of using the platform is simplifying the compliance process, saving time and cost for building an efficient and effective management system.

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