Risk Management

Risk Management allows clients immediate context and visibility of risks at the click of a button. Completely configurable, the intelligent tool makes risks measurable and defines the primary course of action to reduce the risk position. More importantly, it enables clients to prioritize activities that strengthen compliance through risk identification & assessment, implementation, and consistent monitoring.

Simplified Management Systems

We help you build simplified management systems that save time and effort for your team and your organization. This way, you can focus on your core business while keeping risks at bay.

Insight Boards Management Systems

Our proprietary tools build electronic or paperless Management Systems (e-MS) with dashboards as an effective tool. By seamlessly integrating with your existing compliance program data, MSAT provides insight boards that enable you to take quick action.

"Value" Driven Systems

We integrate multiple standards into a single management system and reduce cost of certification internally and with the certification body. This helps you achieve your Certification Timeline. In addition, with a few clicks, you gain insight and understanding of how to strengthen your compliance program.

We deliver value to our clients.

We have assisted several organizations by reviewing security controls effectiveness based on standards IRAP, ISO 27001.

We have assisted organizations with technical vulnerability management services and integrated results in their risk management framework for risk analysis and risk acceptance.

We have used a defined methodology and ISO31000 risk management framework and managed organizational risks.

We have conducted Black box, Grey box penetration testing to provide assurances about their IT systems with results integrated into their risk management framework.

Invest in management tools to bring efficiency by proper governance, adhere to compliance & mitigate risks, it doesn't matter which business you are in.


Tofrum is a product, consulting and services company. Tofrum product is a SaaS platform that utilizes existing frameworks and guidelines i.e., ISO 31000:2018, for risk management. The platform is highly configurable to suit any industry and organization. The essential advantage of using the platform is simplifying the compliance process, saving time and cost for building an efficient and effective management system.

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